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Video To Sale Outreach Yields Soaring 10% Response

An outreach strategy that set the sales rep and the company apart from competition.

Sales reps need an outreach strategy that sets them apart from competitors using the most updated communications.

A sales rep at a New York B2B company was put in charge of opening a new geographic territory to explore business opportunities. He also wanted to have a personalized and memorable outreach to attendees of in-person events that he was hosting so they would keep him top of mind. In short, he needed to get the attention of prospects in a way that would stand out.


This account-based customer outreach campaign is designed to give a sales rep first-mover advantage.
Individual prospect video messages addresses prospects as individuals in the top proven method—natural

The link from the video can be embedded on any platform like email, InMails and SMS. Using a proprietary application, the program included strategic coaching sessions to create fast, direct scripting, recording and easy sharing ability.

This sales rep created multiple videos, 12 in just two sessions, and used them for a multitude of different purposes from cold calling to effective follow up.


“These days phone and email are not top performers for me. The video followups and especially the script help set me up for success and got people talking about me, who might have otherwise forgotten about me.”
–Sales rep

After installing the proprietary video app and attending several sessions with Leadarati’s B2B sales expert, the sales rep instantly began creating personalized videos, and received several immediate responses. He used the videos to invite prospects and customers to a golf outing, following up afterwards, introducing the latest offerings and updating his previous customers that he has taken on a new role in that geographic territory.

He has also recorded video that could be sent by sales development reps on his behalf. The app also gives him the ability to see who clicked to view his email and also for recipients to reply in line and set up a meeting. Out of his list, approximately 10% of the people reached out he got responses, which offered him the highest ROI for any outreach he has done in the past. And that's just the beginning. He will be using this new and highly effective method of reaching out for the immediate future as he continues to build his pipeline of sales.

Project Outcomes:

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