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Re-engagement Campaign Helps Dell Titanium Partner Build Awareness & Drive 15 Leads

A leading Dell solutions integrator wanted to generate additional demand for its Dell portfolio of solutions to maximize their MDF investment.

A leading Dell solutions integrator wanted to generate additional demand for its Dell portfolio of solutions to maximize their MDF investment.

What’s more, the supplier had specifically requested an outbound campaign promoting it's PowerStore and PowerEdge Servers solutions & demo capabilities. The reseller had neither the expertise nor the internal bandwidth to initiate a marketing program that would satisfy the supplier’s request, deliver a positive ROI and secure MDF funding for future programs.


Leadarati began by looking at existing marketing and sales programs and processes to identify how the investment funds were being allocated, areas of inefficiency and missed opportunities. While the sales team was actively focused on closing deals, they had been overlooking an audience segment with significant revenue potential: inactive customers and lost prospects.

The team built a multi-touch reengagement marketing campaign, aptly themed, “Get in the Game,” encouraging prospects to learn more about how they could win with Dell servers and storage. Prospects were incentivized with a high end “gaming” headset in return for scheduling an appointment to see the virtual demo lab.

The campaign included investing time in securing the right target accounts. Next came a creatively designed and customized message that supported the Get in the Game theme. All outbound efforts (calls & emails) were promoting/linking to a resource-packed microsite. What made this campaign unique was the cost-effective and creative repurposing of content. Aside from the compelling email and microsite copy, no new material was created. Rather, the team linked to previously recorded podcasts, a Forrester white paper and a video highlighting headset features.


We experienced a quick response from deployment and continue to see conversions still coming in. It's great to have a campaign that actually produces real results for us.

–VP sales, solutions integrator

By tapping a list of 500 previously active customers and prospects, reps were poised for re-engagement success. The outbound email yielded an 8% open rate, three percentage points higher than the industry standard, and 15 appointments were booked.

The campaign also served as a launching pad to leverage existing content on an ongoing basis, which not only keeps critical Dell PowerStore and PowerEdge messaging top-of-mind for customers and prospects, but also maximizes the client’s initial Dell marketing investment. Additionally, the proof of positive performance solidified substantial future supplier MDF funding.

Project Outcomes:

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