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Interactive Microsite + AI Targeted Google Ads Helps our Client land a Fast Deal

A prominent IT integration company closed a fast deal with interactive content & AI-driven Google Ads.

A prominent IT integration company wanted to drive sales prospects by showcasing their deep level of expertise of a specific manufacturer IT solution. They needed a content piece that would stand out from the crowd and provide value right out of the gate.

Targeting a regional segment of IT professionals located in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada was also a priority as this firm did not service companies outside this specific geography.


Using the power of digital media, Leadarati created a dynamic digital microsite which featured a premier piece of animated content. The LookBook titled, "Manage Your Data Without Limits" invited users to digitally turn pages that highlighted the firm's expertise in their select IT solution.

Enhanced with interactive live videos, valuable downloads, and a special promotional offer, the digital booklet encouraged users to book a live demonstration of the product to see the benefits, first-hand.

In order to drive traffic to the LookBook and boost the firm's sales opportunities, the Leadarati team created an AI-based hyper-targeted Google ad campaign. Featuring multiple distinct ad groups and responsive text, Leadarati keyword experts continuously analyzes and refined results which made for an optimal campaign. Over 45 days, the team consistently adjusted ad copy based on performance. Boosted by a highly targeted email campaign and calls to the client's database, the client's multi-touch campaign was fully optimized to drive true measurable results.


The Leadarati team took our campaign to the next level by creating a LookBook and optimized Google ad campaign . They worked with me at every step and listened to my feedback. They team understood the importance of the Google algorithm along with multiple touch points when it came to getting a closed deal.

- Marketing Director, IT integrator

Following the launch of the LookBook microsite and multi-touch campaign, the company saw a 350% boost in website visitors compared to the previous period.

Not only were these visitors located in their target locations, but they took action by spending valuable time on the website. They increased their goal conversion rate by 230% compared to the previous period, with users clicking the Contact Us button on their website– some even emailing them directly. By hyper-targeting a geographically specific segment of IT professionals across the company's operating areas, Leadarati identified a highly qualified audience who would find most value in the dynamic LookBook. As a result, the firm booked four live demonstrations and registered one deal in just the first month of the campaign. The big response to this campaign generated a top of funnel pipeline for this eager sales team.

Project Outcomes:

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