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E-News Outreach Provides Catalyst to Increase Sales Lead Pipeline by 25%

This NY-based tech firm had built a robust subscriber list from their web page visitors.

This NY-based tech firm had built a robust subscriber list from their web page visitors. The subscribers were promised IT news and information, however the firm didn't have a piece of content that could be sent on a regular basis.

With a diverse staff of IT experts, the firm was well positioned to provide a wealth of educational content and thought leadership. A compelling, well designed piece could be used to ignite a sales pipeline.

Another business goal was to be at the forefront of their customers' minds and agendas. Top of mind was critical for when IT budget planning season arrived.


After interviewing the firm's marketing execs, the Leadarati team suggested e-News 2.0, a marketing outreach that would fit their needs and give them the best ROI.

Using the existing company branding elements, this graphic and link rich newsletter would feature top IT news, company expertise and best practices supplemented with their choice of supplier content. The newsletter was also designed as a repeatable template that could be sent on a quarterly basis using the firm's third party mailing solution.

It was sent to the subscriber list as well as additional prospects and customers from their database. A targeted telemarketing effort following the mailing generated a 25% increase pipeline opportunities.

Leadarati's sales support team also provided a sales kit for use by individual sales reps. The kit summarized the e-newsletter objectives and specific tactics on how to use it to engage and build their customer pipeline. With step-by-step direction on how to implement and utilize the company content within their own individual networks, the team now had a valuable tool for their prospecting efforts.


A branded educational news piece that we can use over and over gives our sales team a tool help them stay in front of their prospects and customers. Our newsletter design stands out in their Inboxes and we get about a 35% open rate.

–Sales Director, IT solutions provider

Based on a higher than average click rate, e-News 2.0 proved to be relevant and valuable to the firm's database.

A telemarketing outreach to engaged readers yielded appointments, as well as follow-up opportunities for current and future business. Because it was sent to the existing subscriber list as well as prospect/customers from many different sources, the mailing helped to update and cleanse the database, making it more viable for future marketing initiatives.

Now on an ongoing basis, the firm has a branded marketing outreach template suitable for repeated quarterly mailings as a continuous effort in nurturing and creating opportunities for their sales pipeline.

Project Outcomes:

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