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Five Don'ts for Marketing Your Business in 2023

Overexertion on the path to success is common, but let’s ensure you’re using your energy in the most strategic ways for your business’s growth. In 2023, you want your business to be competitive and capture market share, don’t you?

We’ve identified the top five most overlooked marketing errors that businesses make, which often stifle growth and opportunities.

Are you making these errors?

  1. Lack of Online Presence

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to practice digital marketing and it all starts with your branding footprint. Social media, digital advertising, mobile communications, and other technological advances allow businesses to be top of mind with their stakeholders, but are you using the platforms that benefit you and are you posting on them correctly? Although we’re all self-proclaimed digital experts, many of us fail to use the magic of artificial intelligence (AI) in our digital presence to raise awareness and heighten engagement.


  • Consider AI technologies. Now commonplace on Google advertising, AI enables flexibility that targets your audience with the most relevant message.

  • Geotarget your prospects through mobile advertising. Geotargeting uses the power of location to pinpoint the delivery of your precisely targeted message to your specific audience, even down to the perimeters of a building. Think of the possibilities!

  • Establish a prominent business presence on the social media platforms where your buyers are currently engaging. Better to be engaged deeply on one platform than scantily on multiple ones. Be aware of what competitors are posting and use graphics and video to increase your post popularity.

2. Outdated Website

An outdated or poorly designed website affects your buyers' perception and your company's credibility. In fact, 75% of users say they judge a company’s credibility based on its website design—and 38% will leave a website altogether if it is unattractive.1 Slow, non-mobile-friendly, unattractive, and copy-heavy websites don’t serve modern readers who are bombarded with communications.


  • Invest in updating and managing your website. Hiring a website design and coding expert will make all the difference in your business’s digital presence.

  • Add useful content to capture the attention of potential clients—but keep it minimal. Post your expert content including blogs!

  • Consider configuring your website design to fit all devices: smart phone, desktop, tablet, etc. so it’s diversely responsive.

3. Misunderstanding Your Community

Not knowing who your customers truly are and what they care about affect your ability to resonate with and discuss what is relevant to them. Plus, with four generations now comprising the workforce—each of which relies on a different communication and engagement style, knowing how to reach each segment of your target audience is crucial.


  • Know who your targeted audience is (industry vertical, age, expectations, needs and knowledge)

  • Become familiar with how they research, gather knowledge, and who they rely on.

  • Collect customer feedback on a consistent basis, so you can make appropriate changes to better your go-to-market strategies.

4. Losing Site of the ‘Why’

The biggest mistake you can make is not having a clear indication of why your business exists and is set apart from competitors. This creates uncertainty about your target audience and ineffectiveness in getting your message to your intended market.


  • Appeal to the personal side and tell the “founding” story about your company

  • Identify your business’s purpose, differentiating qualities, and core beliefs.

  • Promote how your business will be future-proof and continue to evolve.

5. Under or Overestimating your Domain Name Server (DNS) Reputation*

Today's security filters ensure that an average of one out of every six emails never reaches the inbox. And that's a missed opportunity.

Your email marketing requires a ongoing maintenance to ensure that every message is delivered to an inbox and not sent to spam. If you’re not maintaining your email deliverability health, then you’re missing out on opportunities to generate more revenue. Running health checks on your domain name server (DNS) reputation is vital to surpassing today’s security filters ensuring you reach your target inboxI.


  • Employ a technical expert to regularly monitor and analyze your DNS reputation

  • Authenticate your DNS to improve email deliverability rates.

  • Review your email template messaging for reasons that may be negative to your DNS reputation such as spammy words, use of exclamations or capitals, and more. Try SPAMchecker

  • Send test emails you email outside of your domain to test deliverability.

  • Test your email deliverability and recheck often

*Leadarati EmailXpress solution will audit, monitor and fix your DNS and improve deliverability rates by over 50%. Please contact us if you’d like more details.

If you’re interested in chatting about anything mentioned above or wanting to learn more about Leadarati’s EmailXpress program, feel free to reach out directly here.


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