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Screen to Sale: Guide to B2B Video Selling

Video-based selling has become an increasingly popular strategy in the B2B market, especially in the age of remote work and virtual communication. Here are what we see are benefits to using video for selling, with some potential drawbacks that B2B companies should consider.


Personalized and engaging: Video allows sales reps to communicate in a more personalized and engaging way, which can help build stronger relationships with potential clients. Videos can be customized to address the specific pain points and concerns of each prospect, making it more likely that they will be receptive to the message.

Time-efficient: Video-based selling can be more time-efficient than traditional in-person or phone-based selling. Sales reps can record a video once and then send it to multiple prospects, rather than having to repeat the same pitch over and over again.

Better tracking and analytics: Video-based selling can provide better tracking and analytics than other forms of selling. Sales reps can see who has viewed their videos, how much of the video they watched, and whether they clicked on any calls-to-action. This data can be used to refine the sales pitch and improve conversion rates.

Cost-effective: Video-based selling can be a cost-effective way to reach a large number of prospects. It can be done with basic equipment and software, and does not require travel expenses or other overhead costs associated with in-person selling.


Technology limitations: Video-based selling requires a reliable internet connection and access to video recording and editing software. Some prospects may not have the technology or bandwidth to engage with videos, which could limit the effectiveness of this approach.

Lack of personalization: While video-based selling can be highly personalized, it can also feel impersonal if not done correctly. Prospects may feel that they are being sold to rather than engaged with, which could turn them off from the message.

Overall, video-based selling can be a highly effective strategy in the B2B market, but it is not without its limitations. B2B companies should carefully consider the pros and cons of this approach and determine whether it is the right fit for their business and target audience.

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