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The 5 Points of an Effective Marketing Strategy

While businesses must be profitable to exist, shareholders are not the only stakeholders. A marketing strategy for technology companies is only good if you know your buyer audience. Here's why...

I spoke with NJ native Jeannine Perri, technology marketing expert and founder of DataTouch Marketing, an IT marketing agency serving technology companies across the U.S. Jeannine has been developing impactful marketing plans for many years, both in her current role and for a variety of other technology companies. An expert marketer, Jeannine has a wealth of insights that can help other marketers create effective plans that really work.

I asked her to list five top marketing priorities that we technology marketers need to consider in a new year.

Tip 1: Define your target audience.

It’s imperative to know who will be receiving your message, as different messaging will resonate differently across various levels of an organization. For example:

  • Purchasing and CFOs are most interested in cost savings, so your messaging should showcase things like ROI, trade-ins and competitive pricing.

  • For technical folks, share speeds, feeds and demos (touch and feel products)

  • IT Managers want validation of successes. Educate and inform by way of case studies that highlight customers who have used solutions with quantifiable results.

Tip 2: Market to your customers.

Customers are your lowest hanging fruit. Expand your footprint within your existing customer base. Cross-sell, up-sell and don’t ever assume they’re aware of your new releases, updates or offerings.

Tip 3: Tell a story that informs and educates, then follow-up.

The most effective way of creating an asset (company expert piece) that resonates with your reader is to tell a story. A well-crafted asset that’s short, concise and informative can be used a number of ways: posted on your company’s website, shared internally for your staff to use with their active customers and/or used in outbound demand gen campaigns (emails and paid social ads).

Tip 4: Touch your target audience multiple times with the same message using different marketing mediums.

That means direct mailings (what’s old is new again), outbound calls, emails and social posts and ads. Studies prove that you need to touch your audience at least seven times before they even recognize your brand. Be creative. Use a memorable color (match your logo) and develop an offer that ties into trends (like offering a Ring Doorbell for an appointment).

Tip 5: Listen to your audience and constantly manage your database.

Make it the start and end point for every activity. If you have a low open rate to your email, try A/B testing with two different subject lines and see which works best, then send to non-opens with the new subject line. Be sure to remove bad/undeliverable emails from your database. Never ignore unsubscribes. Remember, managing data is the law.


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