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3 Easy Steps to Writing Your First LinkedIn Article (And Why You Should)

A man and his dog cross-country skiing

Ever tried cross-country skiing? I did this past winter and after the second time, I became really comfortable with it and wanted to go more and more. Before I knew it, I was going every week. Cross-country skiing uses natural movements. You don't need special skills to get started and it has a short learning curve. It's kind of like writing a LinkedIn article.

How? You get a few tips, try it yourself and learn as you go.

Maybe someone told you, you should be sharing your expertise with others or you may just want to raise your profile visibility within your network and beyond. LinkedIn's article posting feature is not only powerful, but often underutilized. Once your article is posted it has "staying power" as it remains on your profile and doesn't slide down the ladder when other posts follow. Featuring its very own URL, you can refer to it like it's your own personal blog.

Here are my 3 easy steps on how to get started writing your own LinkedIn article:

Step 1: Have an Idea

  • Comment on a leading industry related news story, analyze a recent situation or how the latest national news affects your company/industry. Don't forget to cite the story link.

  • Compile a “Top 10”, “3 Keys to”, “2 Reasons for” list to allow your potential readers to be more compelled to view your work. This also gives them a quick summary of what they're getting into. You're reading one now.

  • Use the power of humor! If you see something funny, talk about it. Many viral posts have a humorous tone.

  • Answer your most common customer questions. They keep asking, you keep explaining. Next time, you can simply send them your article link. In fact, this very post was inspired by a customer. You know who you are.

  • Review an industry event. Write a few paragraphs about what you felt was notable about the event. Highlight and tag speakers for further article exposure and speculate on new product releases.

  • Provide a step-by-step guide. This can be related to your particular expertise, product or service, it can be a guide for others in your industry, how to get certified, etc.

Step 2: Post and Promote

  • First, navigate to your home page on LinkedIn and in the "Start a post section," select WRITE ARTICLE. From there, LinkedIn will take you to a page that allows you to add a photo and text. It autosaves as you write and you can come back to your draft anytime. When you're ready to release your article, select the blue PUBLISH button and it will post to your feed and stay on your profile permanently.

  • Now time to promote. In addition to LinkedIn, share your URL on all of your social media platforms. Tag a thought leader or influencer mentioned or related to your article and ask them to share the post (they will get notified once tagged). Ask your company marketing team to post it on the company platforms. And don't forget to add your latest article URL link to your email signature.

Step 3: Repeat...Soon

  • As your readers interact with comments, likes and hopefully shares, the article becomes a post on each of their News Feeds for even more amplification to their networks. You'll quickly get a feel for the effects of your writing and whether it's engaging.

  • If enough people read your article, as a bonus, LinkedIn promotes it across the platform for even more eyes to see. One of our clients used a cartoon feature to make his commentary and it went viral on LinkedIn because so many people commented and liked it. BE DIFFERENT.

Now that you've gotten some momentum don't be afraid to write another one!

The good news is that you don't always have to come up with an original idea and you don't have to be a great writer. Just be authentic with your thoughts, write as if you were speaking to someone, utilize pictures/graphics and use the ideas in Step 1. People love something original. I once did a piece on cross-country skiing and how to write a LinkedIn article.

Comments, likes, shares and questions always welcome!

To view this article on LinkedIn CLICK HERE.


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