2019 Program Offerings

A sampling of our most highly requested services

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Sales Account Penetration

SLaaS (Social-Leads-as-a-Service)

A Social Leads as a Service program (SLaaS™), “Sales Account Penetration” uses the most effective social techniques to locate relevant contacts within your under penetrated accounts to engage them.


Do you have accounts that you would like to further penetrate? Or a vertical market where you could be selling more to existing or prospective customers?


This breakthrough program allows for permanent connections in order to stay involved with your customers and prospects to produce long-term opportunities for engagement. This will help bridge the gap from a social connection to a live introduction.



Multi-Modal Lead Generation

SLaaS (Social-Leads-as-a-Service) 

“Multi-Modal Lead Generation” uses B2B social networking to supplement and even replace traditional sales and marketing efforts using social tools along with traditional cold calls and other prospecting techniques. These breakthrough “selling by not-selling” methods employ social networks to find, connect and nurture opportunities. The process can accelerate the sales cycle and time to revenue.In this two-phase program, business development and sales teams learn how to build out their expert brand and uncover opportunities using LinkedIn. They will receive leads as we harvest and generate opportunities using their own professional network. 

Social Lead Converter

SLaaS (Social-Leads-as-a-Service)

Telephone prospecting to customers has become more challenging for sales organizations. In order to be successful at getting a response, prospects need to be approached two-fold. This multi-channel approach of best practice social networking and tele-prospecting will convert your online social prospects to live sales opportunities.


“Social Lead Converter” focuses on getting your hottest prospects into the top of your sales funnel. It improves your social media efforts by going beyond posting to engage with customers throughout their buying cycle. And it will enable permanent connections in order to stay involved with your customers and prospects to generate sales opportunities.


Social Lead Scout

SLaaS (Social-Leads-as-a-Service)

Like an inside sales team, this ongoing monthly service supplements your sales lead generation activities. It uses Twitter and LinkedIn to get in front and center with your customers, prospects, partners and colleagues. “Social Lead Scout” will enable your staff to conduct targeted prospecting activities, engage with new contacts, and take part in the buying process that is happening online.


The program also offers sales professionals with best practice social techniques to locate IT buyer prospects, track their activities and engage with them. In addition, we’ll build your company social platform followings and convert targeted user intelligence into actions sales can use to acquire new lead opportunities and relationships.


Social Media Business Training

Virtual sessions that enable your executive, sales and marketing teams

“Use LinkedIn for Profitable Prospecting /Career Branding”

“Use Twitter for Business Development”

“Use Social Platforms to Increase Event ROI”

“Use Blogging to Expand Your Brand”

“Manage a Successful Company LinkedIn Page”

“Optimize Press Interviews”


Now more than ever before, it’s time to use the most worlds’ most powerful business networking and communications platforms. We offer extensive marketing and sales training programs specific to new media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite and blogging. This virtual training method is not just focused on tools and platforms or a “one size fits all” approach, but centered on getting optimal results from social networking based on job function.


Learn to supplement your traditional sales and marketing efforts with key skills needed to find high value customers, increase brand awareness and engagements long-term opportunities. Sessions are customizable for team meetings, or one-on-one executive coaching sessions.


Social Event Lead Nurture

Transform your event into a high impact engagement

Social networking is the most effective way to transform your event into a high impact engagement that has influence and reach even long after it’s over.


The "Social Event Lead Nurture" program increases your odds of creating more prospecting opportunities from event attendees. This offering includes “post” event activities designed to create strong follow-up, nurture event attendees through post event content and add a social “touch” point for communicating. The added benefit? A permanent connection for future engagement.


Social Branding and Awareness

Social & PR Management Programs

Marketers may have controlled a brand’s digital presence in the past, but social media has put that authority into the hands of customers. Social media is all about conversations. Leadarati can help you find your audience and get them engaged with your brand. We drive meaningful conversations with prospects, customers and partners to ignite positive word of mouth.


Our programs focus on taking high-value content and leveraging social media and online networks to amplify it. Whether it's a social platform brand, website, ads or daily social posting, our strategically crafted and placed digital messages  help build interest in you and your company.

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