Qualify sales prospect lists with social/digital intelligence "footprints" for fast action engagement by sales reps.



This software company knew their target market had begun communicating and engaging socially. They wanted their executive and sales staff to leverage this growing trend in their communication efforts with channel partners and buyers. Limited on time and bandwidth, they needed to be coached on best practices that could ramp up their teams quickly on how to use the top platforms for B2B IT prospecting.



Supplied with a list of prospects that needed more intelligence before they could be mined, Leadarati's Social Prospect List Builder program was able to boost this company's traditional demand generation activities. The client received a "digital footprint" customized to each prospect which allowed them to reach out with a personalized message that would get attention. It also provided them with next recommended action next steps and techniques for a successful engagement in real time.



With a short list of 100 prospects provided by the firm, Leadarati performed social media intelligence gathering that grew their universe of relevant prospects by 169%—a record for this program. We also submitted over 40 socially active leads and assisted with setting up an executive dashboard for the firm utilizing social media productivity tools.


Now marketing can more easily monitor and respond to these prospects via social media, and harvest them into the firm’s CRM and sales funnel. With each lead, Leadarati advised on next steps for a meaningful connection with the prospect—whether via social channels or traditional outreach, such as phone or email.


The firm enacted best practices that now give them a systematic way to find, monitor, nurture and convert new prospects. They are left with many options to expand on this starting point, depending on the level of daily involvement desired.


This program represented not only a breakthrough as to how the firm gathered leads, but also supplement their marketing activities. They instantly adapted this new process and represent a role model to other marketers looking to introduce the efficiencies of social media to their sales processes.


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