Cathy C., Marketing Director

“Our ambassadors are so involved with our social content that they've begun suggesting posts. Our social reach has multiplied by hundreds of thousands and our partners are thrilled to see their our folks using their content, too."

Employee Ambassadors


Today you’ve only got a few seconds to give your customers and prospects a reason to notice and connect with your brand. With the infinite choices facing companies, many of whom know all about you even before they make the first contact, the right brand identity makes all the difference. You’ll stand out in the marketplace, connect emotionally with customers and create permanent relationships. 


As experts in employee ambassador programs, we can turn your staff into thought leaders and empower them to share valuable company content that will connect with customers, prospects and partners. Through these programs, your employees can become more informed, efficient and highly visible as subject matter experts, and provide an exponential increase in your company's social reach.


Social Media Management


People are searching your company on social media. But you may not have time to effectively manage and engage with all of the social media channels out there. That's where our deep expertise in B2B social media communications can help. 


Our full-service social media management service uses the top B2B social media platforms to listen to and engage with your relevant audiences. It includes custom, visually optimized graphic posts that highlight your experts and happenings, such as live event posts, expert portraits, videos and awards.


You'll get a social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.

Transform your social efforts from "Pointless Posting" to "Profitable Prospecting."


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